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Lebanese Independence Day

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Lebanese Independence Day

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Beirut, Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed at the Elysée Saad Al-Hariri, who resigned as Lebanon's prime minister this month while in Saudi Arabia.

Hariri and his wife Lara landed in Paris on Saturday morning.

Reports in France said that Macron and Hariri will have a tête-à-tête meeting at 12:20 and that the family of the Lebanese prime minister will join them at 12:30 for lunch.

"The French leader will then host a lunch banquet in honour of Hariri that will be attended by his wife and his eldest son Husam," Hariri's media office said.

Earlier, Hariri President Michel Aoun in a phone call he would be in Lebanon on Wednesday for Independence Day celebrations, Aoun said on Twitter on Saturday.

Macron earlier said that he would receive Hariri "with the honours due a prime minister" because his resignation has not yet been officially recognised.

Hariri on November 4 announced his resignation from Saudi Arabia where he had stayed until early Saturday when he boarded his private jet.

He repeatedly denied speculations that he was being held in Saudi Arabia.

On his way to the airport, Hariri once more denied claims he was being held against his will in Saudi Arabia.

"To say that I am held up in Saudi Arabia and not allowed to leave the country is a lie. I am on the way to the airport Mr. Sigmar Gabriel," he tweeted in English.

He singled out the German foreign minister after Gabriel made remarks about Hariri's status.

The remarks prompted Saudi Arabia to describe them as "outrageous" and to summon its ambassador in Germany.

A note of protest will be handed over to the German embassy in Riyadh, most likely on Sunday as Saturday is the second day of the week-end in Saudi Arabia and all institutions are closed.

The Lebanese news agency reported that Hariri told Lebanese President Michel Aoun that he would be in Beirut on time for the country's Independence Day on Wednesday.


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