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Title Processors work in the real estate field and are responsible for managing various aspects related to title documentation. Activities such as contacting vendors, examining state regulations, maintaining records, tracking pending applications, preparing documents in case a conflict arises, and creating reports for managers are often seen on Title Processor resume samples. Employers choose resumes displaying skills like knowledge of real estate procedures, accuracy, detail orientation, time management, confidentiality, and organization. Most Title Processors hold a high school diploma and may be required specific licensure in some states.

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Title Processor Assistant

Prepared and examined documents regarding property liens mortgages contracts to ensure title is ready to be processed.

  • Complied all paperwork needed to complete title processing.
  • Experienced with knowledge of TSS Software - solutions provider for the title and settlement services industry.
  • Managed all recording account fees for each accounts.
  • Recorded, issued and sent all post-closing documents and final policies to owners and lenders.

Title Processor

  • Responsible for customer service, greeting customers, answering phones, sending emails and faxes to loan officers and agents, and tending to their needs.
  • Responsible for opening new files, ordering title, clearing titles, writing binders, and other processing work to close files.
  • Responsible for coordinating with loan officers, agents, customers and anyone else involved in the files to make sure closing happens.
  • Responsible for collecting sensitive information (SSN, current contact information, bank account and routing information) from customers to ensure that all parties have correct information.
  • Responsible for satisfying the underwriters conditions.
  • Responsible for scheduling closings with all parties.

Title Processor

  • Reading title commitments to determine ownership of property and to determine any judgments, liens, or mortgages attached to a subject property.
  • Utilizing title commitment requirements to clear real estate titles for properties in 49 states of the United States.
  • Examining abstracted search results to create title commitments.
  • Ordering and receiving payoffs/cancellations to mortgages, judgments, and liens attached to a subject property to clear the title before closing.
  • Curing defective title requirements and preparing closing/title documents for execution.

Real Estate Title Processor/branch Manager

  • Communicated directly with clients, realtors and lenders
  • Responsible for key documents related to transactions
  • In charge of post closing 25 real estate files per week
  • Served as primary point of contact and screen calls

REO Title Processor

Handled foreclosure files throughout the Midwest region to facilitate process

  • Oversaw the foreclosure process from beginning to close of property sale.
  • Maintain an open communication between client and company during the entire process.
  • Investigate title history to verify no additional lien holders or interested parties.
  • Review agency referrals for optimal client retention or assignment.
  • Contact utilities companies to verify the closeout of all open accounts.
  • Prepare prelim & final HUD documentation to assist in post closing phase out.

Title Processor

  • Order and review supporting documentation for title commitments.
  • Summarize pertinent legal/insurance documents.
  • Order municipal and estoppel payoffs to satisfy liens or balances in compliance with Florida statutes.
  • Place survey orders and inspections.
  • Maintain information files and process paperwork.
  • Coordinate with agents, lenders and sales reps to provide customer service.

Title Processor

  • Prepare title commitments. Type policies.
  • Process FHA/HUD and VA foreclosure loans.
  • Communicate with clients/banks on a daily basis to provide follow up on loans. Recommend curative actions as required
  • Reviewed files for accuracy from title report/search, payoffs, surveys, lien search and estoppels to identify title issues.
  • Vendor relations.

Title Processor

  • Full time position working 45+ hours per week.
  • Directed phone calls.
  • Proofread and shipped out final closing packages.
  • Typed Commitments, Closing Protection Letters, and Preliminary Closing Disclosures.
  • Proofread and corrected Commitments, Closing Protection Letters, and Preliminary Closing Disclosures.
  • Worked through Streamline and eFile.
  • Constantly emailing and calling clients.
  • Helped train new employees on programs.

Title Processor

  • Analyze recorded documents obtained from title examiner for quality.
  • Determine recorded documents to include on title commitment.
  • Request underwriting approval for problems found.
  • Type and submit title commitment in SoftPro.

Title Processor

  • Serve as a title processor, whose duties included creating settlement sheets, collecting information from tax collectors, sewer authorities, water companies, as well as any other contacts that need to be made.
  • Responsible to request payoffs and order the necessary paper work to clear any and all liens.
  • Send out necessary documents, as well as maintain a detailed record of any and all contacts that are made.


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Conforming & Nonconforming Loans, FRMs, ARMs, GPMs, Jumbo Loans, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Guidelines, FHA, VA, USDA Rural Development Loans

XYZ COMPANY - Sometown, AR

Loan Processor, 2014-Present

Provide support to loan officer and underwriter teams by ensuring the timely, judicious and accurate processing of mortgages. Review and verify borrowers’ income, credit reports, employment histories, property appraisals and title insurance information to prepare loan applications for underwriting submittal. Ensure compliance with company policies, underwriting guidelines and lending-program requirements.

  • Achievement Highlights:
    • Regarded as one of the company’s most productive loan processors, handling an average of 22 files monthly.
    • Outperformed company average in achieving loan-processing turn-around time of 12 days or less (compared to typical 15 to 20 days).
    • Provided expedient service cited as key to consistently high customer satisfaction and a 10% increase in referrals in 2011.
    • Ensured all files were complete prior to underwriting hand-off and coordinated effectively with title companies to ensure smooth closings.
    • Processed challenging loan applications (e.g., first-time borrowers, self-employed applicants and borrowers with problematic credit histories).

DEF COMPANY - Sometown, AR

Bank Teller, 2007-2014
  • Provided friendly service to individual and commercial bank customers within regional financial institution.
Associate of Science in Business


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