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Poetry Analysis Essay Assignment

Introduction One of the most important skills a burgeoning college-level writer must accomplish is the art of analysis. Being able to understand the nature of a written work--what, how, why, and when--is important to developing critical thinking and critical writing sk 

ills. Now that you’ve completed a genre unit, it’s time

to put your analysis skills to the test. Every genre essay you write, including the critical approach essay, is designed to help you, not only analyze, but to practice the writing process, with a special emphasis on

revision. Each essay is one small step closer to creating the final portfolio, where you’ll be given the

chance to make revisions and make each essay stronger. Essay Parameters As a reminder, here are the poems you can analyze for this assignment:

“[I wandered lonely as a cloud]”

--William Wordsworth

“On Being Brought from Africa to America”

--Phillis Wheatley

“[I celebrate myself, and sing myself]”

--Walt Whitman

“Ballad of the Landlord”

--Langston Hughes

“I, Too”

--Langston Hughes

“We Real Cool”

--Gwendolyn Brooks


--Rita Dove

“Dover Beach”

-- Matthew Arnold

“Litany at the Tomb of Frederick Douglass”

--Martin Espada

“Leaving the Motel”

--W. D. Snodgrass


--Paul Laurence Dunbar

“[Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone]”

-- W. H. Auden

“Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers”

-- Adrienne Rich

“On Writing”

--Adrienne Su


--Pat Mora

“Blackberry Eating”

-- Galway Kinnell

“Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”

-- Dylan Thomas

“Still I Rise”

-- Maya Angelou (Blackboard) Here are the elements you can use to analyze your selected story:

Speaker (p. 509)

Situation (p. 525)

Setting (p. 530)

Tone (p. 546)

Theme (p. 548) or Theme and Conflict (p. 552)

Structure (p. 633-659) Essay Prompts

Option 1: Select one of the poems above and analyze it using two elements above, making sure that the elements relate in some way.

Option 2: Select two poems above and analyze them using one element that is related to both in some way.

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