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Almost everybody out there is overly stressed about how to deal with Accenture cases. I got a ton of questions about how to prepare specifically for Accenture. I’ve read even more on various forums and discussion threads.

Well, I studied a whole lot of field reports and sample case studies from Accenture and I found out that people really overrate the difference between Accenture case study interviews and any other typical case interview. So let’s clear out some of the grey areas here together.

1 – Do I need to any IT background to do well in Accenture cases?

In some specific interviews for particular positions, Accenture may have IT-focused interviews, but NOT for case interviews for management consulting positions. Except for some case contexts which may be related to IT (e.g: Uber‘s profit‘s going down), you can expect to solve the case content-wise just like you would do for any other typical case interview.

2 – Accenture cases are mostly more question-based rather than a comprehensive case study?

This is probably true. Of the field reports I’ve studied, most cases were divided into multiple questions, each super specific and to the point. To some extent, those questions were  not even too closely related to each other. The case as a whole is more like a casual business discussion on some pressing issues.

Interestingly, this style is somewhat similar to McKinsey’s interviewer-led style!

3 – Accenture cases are heavy on market-sizing and estimating questions?

This is also true. But that’s actually also true for almost any other firm. Market-sizing and guesstimate questions are popular and there’s no exception here.

4 – Accenture cases are heavy on maths?

Similar to the one above, almost every case interview out there does test some maths. So this is true, but does Accenture focus more maths than other firms? I don’t see any reports or statistics showing that.

So what’s the takeaway here? Well, don’t worry too much about the myth that Accenture cases are different from other typical cases. There are always exceptions but that also happens in interviews from the same firm. Just go ahead and study for Accenture case interviews  just as you would  for other firms, especially McKinsey.

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