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5 Helpful Suggestions On How To Start Off A Profile Essay

A profile essay is a type of descriptive essay that involves writing about a particular person, place or object in a comprehensive, sensory and precise manner. The writer should be able to write in such detail that the reader gets a feeling that he actually knows the subject in real. You would have to pay attention to minor details so that the reader gets a sense of completeness while reading your paper. When you decide on a subject for this paper, you should make sure that you have enough knowledge and information about it to explain it properly to your readers

You will usually require strong adjectives and nouns to write such an assignment to describe the qualities and features of the given subject. If this is your first time writing such an assignment then you have nothing to worry about because it is simple and follows the traditional format of introduction, body and conclusion. The only difference between this and expository or persuasive essays is that you get the chance to express more of your literature knowledge and creativity

The introduction of your paper is critical because the reader will get the first impression from this paragraph. If you were able to hook the audience at this stage, then you would be able to convince them to read the rest of your paper. If you fail to create a precise and winning introduction, then the reader may not continue to read the rest of your paper

To start such a paper on a strong note you should keep the following things in mind

  1. Plan your paper ahead
  2. The first thing you should do is create a plan for your paper and allocate time for each section. You need to do this very carefully and allow margin for unexpected delays and events so that you can have a realistic plan

  3. Gather relevant information about the subject
  4. You need to get all the relevant information you require for writing the subject. This is important because it will save your time in the later phase

  5. Present your topic in an engaging manner
  6. You need to give a good idea to your readers and hook them by presenting an engaging topic

  7. Explain the scope of your paper in a thesis statement
  8. Include this by the end of your introduction paragraph

  9. Stay brief and precise

Top 18 Outstanding Ideas For Writing A Profile Essay

Before you start working on a profile essay, it is important for you to learn to know what is required of you in such papers. More often than not these papers utilize narration to convey whichever topic that you are supposed to portray in the form of a story. The following are some outstanding ideas for your profile essay:

  1. Describe the structure of an animal house you know of.
  2. Explain how an art house around your vicinity functions.
  3. Describe a dance studio, highlighting what goes on in there.
  4. Discuss why kids’ stores are a good option for parents, citing one particular store that you have visited in the past.
  5. With respect to a recovery center that you know, describe how these centers help people in recovery.
  6. Choosing a sport of your choice, describe an individual that has been influential over the past decade in the world of sports.
  7. Explain how power can drastically change the attitude and behavior of an individual, with respect to one highly influential person that you know (fictional or non-fictional), whose ascent to power alienated them from the rest of their peers.
  8. Describe one of your favorite brands in the market and highlight some of the reasons why it stands out from all the others.
  9. Study the presidency and giving your personal reasons, describe one president that you would vote back given the chance.
  10. Describe your favorite holiday location, highlighting the main features that would make you recommend it to anyone.
  11. Describe an individual you consider your role model or one you look up to, focusing on the reasons why you hold them in such high regard.
  12. Choose a historical figure of your choice and critically analyze their role and how their ideologies would be received if they were alive today.
  13. Describe a company that you feel gives back to the society, highlighting the activities that they engage in besides their normal business.
  14. Describe the role of a father in the household, highlighting why every family needs to have a responsible father if possible.
  15. Describe the importance of your learning institution in your life, focusing on the benefits that you have attained since you joined.
  16. Describe your favorite smartphone, highlighting reasons why you would choose it over any other.
  17. Describe a subject that you love and understand so well.
  18. Provide an accurate description of a concert you have ever attended, or one you hope to attend in the future.


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