Essay On Goals For Senior Year

New Goals For the New Year Can Keep Students On Track For College Admissions Success

It’s a common practice to set goals at the start of a new calendar year, but for students it can also be beneficial to come up with some resolutions for the new school year. By setting clear goals and expectations for the next school year, students can get ahead and prepare for the college admissions process.
When setting back to school resolutions, it’s important to create small, manageable goals that won’t leave students overwhelmed. A new school year is stressful enough, with new classes, classmates, teachers, and a slew of material to review after a long summer of relaxing.
Here are some back to school resolutions and goals that high school students should make this school year.
Read more.Reading is one of the most important things students can do outside of the classroom, so make a resolution to read more this year. Explore new blogs, magazines, books, authors, and more that match students’ interests. Here are some suggested reading lists to get students started.
Suggested Reading List by GradeSuggested Reading List by MajorRecommended Reading for High School Students 
Explore new interests. Make a fresh start this year by trying something new. It’s important to have cultivated interests and actives when applying to college, so students should use the new school year as an opportunity to explore interests or passions that they haven’t yet delved into. Start by reading, doing research, and talking with other students with the same interests. Become familiar with new activities and areas of interest and decide whether to pursue further.
Join a new club. One way to explore new interests is to get involved with a new club, team, or group on campus. Many schools have club fairs at the beginning of the school year, so students should take that opportunity to branch out and join a new club or activity that can help them focus their interests. Can’t find the right club to join? Students can create their own. 
Bring up grades.Grades are always important, and a new school year can be a good way to hit restart on students’ academic habits. Colleges look at all four years of grades when evaluating applications, so students should strive for an upward grade trend, meaning their grades are improving each year. For freshmen, this is the perfect opportunity to start their high school experience off strong. For upperclassmen, the new year is an opportunity to improve upon the year before. At the start of the semester, students should set realistic grades goals, a study plan, and know when it’s time to ask for help. 
Make a plan for college admissions. The college prep process can start as early as eighth grade, but many families don’t start to prepare for the admissions process until mid-way through junior year. The back to school season is the perfect time to begin planning for the college admissions process, whether a student is just starting high school or entering his or her senior year. Make resolutions to stay on track this year, with the aid of college prep checklists, college counselor feedback, and other helpful college planning resources. 
By setting some simple back to school resolutions, students can head into the school year motivated, prepared, and ready to handle whatever challenges may come their way. What are some other back to school goals and resolutions high school students should set this semester? Tell us in the comments below!

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