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Course Syllabus

St. Helens High School


Course:                                   Woodworking 17006

Course Period:                      1st 

Course / office location:        Building D Room 64

Course Duration:                  One Semester – (85 days X 50 min)

Instructor:                              Joe Mauck                            

Office hours:                          8:00am to 3:30pm

Office phone:                         (503) 366-7416


Lab Fee:                                 $25


Course Description

            Woodworking is a course designed to introduce students to general woodworking practices.  Students will expand their knowledge and experience through various projects, lessons, and vocabulary.  Students will be expected to learn about and safely use hand tools, power tools, and woodworking machinery.  The projects are designed to give students as much experience as possible by using many different machines and tools.  The projects will also cover as many aspects of the building and woodworking industries as is possible in an entry level course.
            Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have woodworking skills that will be useful in any aspect of the construction industry.  Additionally, the student should have a broader understanding of construction processes as well as more in depth problem solving skills.  This course is also a pre-requisite for Building Construction.


Required Equipment and Supplies

1.      Pencil (every day)

2.      Proper work clothing (no high heels, sandals, etc)



At the end of the quarter I will assign students a letter grade based on the following criteria:

                                                A =  90% to 100%

                                                B =  80% to 89%

                                                C =  70% to 79%

                                                D =  60% to 69%

                                                F =    0% to 59%

It is the student’s responsibility to account for material covered on days absent. I will calculate your grade by expressing your total accumulated points at the end of the term as a percentage of the possible points. It will be a letter grade based on the following:

1.      Tool Tests                         (16%) (Absent on test days may result in essay assignment)

2.      Projects                             (68%)

3.      Machine Reports / Forms (16%)

All projects should be sanded to a smooth finish with no burn marks, scratches, glue marks, pencil marks, or odd contours

Assignment 1— Measuring stick (100pts.)

            This project is a “warm-up” project for measuring and their first encounter in the class with the band saw.

Assignment 2—Puzzle (200pts.)

            This project provides students experience using the band saw.  This project also requires use of chisels, files, measuring, and detail work.

Assignment 3—Helicopter (300pts.)

            The helicopter project introduces students to a variety of different machines, tools, and various woodworking skills.  Students will use the planer, band saw, sanders, router, drill press, and hand tools.


Assignment 4—Dog House (500pts.)

            The dog house teaches the basics of house framing.  This project demonstrates floor framing, wall, door framing, window framing, rafter framing, siding, and roofing. This is a group project consisting of 4-7 members. Grading is performed by students grading each other on work ethic and quality.

Extra Assignment 1—Brace

            This project requires precise cuts using the chop saw.  Safety and accuracy are of utmost concern as students will be cutting using miter and bevel cuts.  Introduction and use of the Jointer is also covered.

Extra Assignment 2—Band saw box

            The band saw project lets students use much of their own creativity.  Students are required to choose their own design of wood. Lecture is video based.

In alignment with State and National standards, this course provides representation and assessment in the following areas:

Common Career Technical Core Standards (CCTC) Numbers: AC-CST (1 – 9)

CCTC Curriculum Template:


Oregon Skill Sets Carpentry Focus area: COZ01.01 – COZ10.02

Oregon Skill Sets Carpentry Focus area: COPF10.01 - COPF10.18


Inman Middle School Bands

Course Syllabus

McKinley Stinson

Director of Bands


Course Description: Students will engage in a sequence of rehearsals, individual and group practices, playing and theory assessments to culminate into performances every 6 to 9 weeks. 

Director’s Goals and Objectives

As a member of the Inman Bands, students will be learn how to:

  • Develop musical intuition and technical skills to better express themselves through the music
  • Participate with enthusiasm as a member of team of musicians to achieve a common goal with peers
  • Be literate and well versed in the use and notation and musical vocabulary
  • Understand a history of music and the sequence for how music developed into what it is today
  • Be well informed of scholarship and career opportunities within the music field
  • Develop essential skills to succeed in life such as self-discipline, organization, responsibility, cooperation and empathy.
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence through hard work, persistence, and grit.
  • Show pride in accomplishment through band opportunities and individual honors
  • Transfer the excellence of musicianship to other areas of their academic, social, and personal life
  • Educate parents, school and community about the importance of music in society by maintaining high levels of performance, visibility and involvement.


It is imperative that each student have their necessary materials for each class.  The better prepared we are for rehearsal, the more we get to play.  In addition to an instrument in good working order, every student should have the following materials

6th Grade

  • Instrument in good working order before class begins
  • Method book (please bring your book from 5th grade band if you still have it)
  • All additional sheet music, preferably in page protectors
  • 1’’ black three ring binder
  • At least 2 pencils

7th/8th grade

  • Same as 6th grade in addition to the Habits of a Successful Musician Method book for your instrument.
  • Korg CA-1 Chromatic Tuner and Korg CM-200 Contact Microphone


* Cleaning cloth (for inside of flute)

* Music stand 


Clarinet and Bass Clarinet

* Vandoren Reeds, 2 ½ (beginners) strength or 3 strength 

* Vandoren 5RV Lyre mouthpiece (clarinet)

* Vandoren B45 mouthpiece (bass clarinet)

* Bonade inverted ligature * Plastic reed holder (holds 4 reeds)

* Silk swab

* Clear mouthpiece patches

* Music stand


Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophone

* Vandoren Reeds, 2 ½ (beginners) or 3 strength

* Rousseau (5R facing) or Selmer C* mouthpiece

* Rovner Ligature

* Plastic reed holder (holds 4 reeds)

* Clear mouthpiece patches

* Music stand



* Bach 5C mouthpiece

* Music stand


French Horn

* Holton Farkas mouthpiece

* Music stand



* Bach 6 1/2AL mouthpiece

* Slide-o-Mix (Or Ponds Cold Cream – no joke) for slide lubrication

* Small (trial-sized) spray bottle for water

* Music stand



* Bach 6 ½AL mouthpiece

* Music stand



* Helleberg 120S mouthpiece

* Music stand



*REQUIRED for ALL students!  - FP2 Intermediate Stick and Mallet Pack by Innovative Percussion and a practice pad.




Purchasing New Instruments As a student’s interest in and commitment to the band program grows, parents often seek to purchase a higher quality instrument.  There are three basic “grades” of musical instruments available for purchase.


Beginner  These instruments are used by younger students and are designed with the beginner band student in mind.  They will withstand a moderate amount of the abuse that younger students tend to inflict on their instruments (accidentally, of course!).


Intermediate These instruments are sometimes called “step-ups.”  They are typically played by advanced middle school students and high school students.  These instruments are of a higher quality than beginner instruments.  They will have nicer features and will not withstand as much abuse as the beginner model.  Parents and students should notice a significant improvement in sound quality shortly after a student moves to this level of instrument.


Professional  These instruments are used by the most serious middle and high school students, college music majors, and professionals.  These instruments are of the finest quality and craftsmanship, and will produce the truest symphonic sounds.  They will withstand very little abuse, and cost substantially more than the beginner and step-up models.  Professional model instruments are exclusively for those who have a long-term commitment to music.


Parents/guardians who wish to purchase a new instrument should feel free to contact Mr. Stinson or your private instructor, who will be happy to suggest a make and model that will suit your child’s needs.  Please note:  When a step-up instrument is purchased, the beginner model should be kept for later use in marching band!!!


Take Instruments Home! Students are required to practice at home on a daily basis.  Minimum practice requirements are:

6th grade – 15 minutes a day

7th grade – 20 minutes a day

8th grade – 30 minutes a day. 


The most significant improvements are made through consistent practice.  Practicing two hours one particular day and not playing again for a week will not only hinder progress, but can also damage the muscles necessary for playing the instrument.  Please be mindful that the storage closet and lockers should only be used to store instruments during school hours!  Students are strongly discouraged from leaving instruments at the school overnight.  Special arrangements will also be made for students who play large instruments).  Students who leave instruments at school do so at their own risk.  The school system assumes no liability for theft of, loss of, or damage to student instruments and/or property left after school hours.


Private Lessons The next best investment to acquiring an instrument in good working order is investing in a good private lesson teacher.  There is nothing like the instruction of a musician who has dedicated his or her life to studying and perfecting the art of one instrument.  Private lessons are strongly encouraged, but not required.  Well over half of the all-state band and orchestra students study privately.  They are for all students – beginners, those who are struggling, and advanced students.  Anyone can benefit from a private instructor.  Lessons are also a great idea for students auditioning for honor ensembles outside of the Inman program.  A list of recommended private instructors will be provided!


Grading Scale:

100 – 90 A

89 – 80 B

79 – 70 C

69 – 0 F


Grading Criteria: The grading criteria shall consist of the following:

40% Class Participation, Materials, and Preparation*

25% Performance Exams

10% Written Classwork

25% Public Performances (both school based and off – campus performances).


*For every class day that a student is not prepared for performance i.e. pencil, instrument, notebook, etc. that student will receive a zero in Class Participation, Materials and Preparation each day until the student returns to class prepared to participate.


Before – School Rehearsals: Occasionally, before school rehearsals will be necessary before a performance to put the finishing touches on our music. Students will be expected to participate in these rehearsals that are scheduled. Adequate notice of the time and location of the rehearsal will be given so that the appropriate arrangements for transportation can be made. Since each band member is a vital part of the performance, rehearsal attendance is necessary for our band program to be successful.

If a student must miss a rehearsal, Mr. Stinson should be made aware 48 hours ahead of time.  This will allow the rest of the ensemble to make an adjustment, if necessary, to best take advantage of that reserved time. Students who have conflicts due to school related activities are expected to make arrangements and alert Mr. Stinson accordingly. Students with unexcused rehearsal absences will receive a may not be allowed to perform in the upcoming concert with the ensemble. 

**********The rehearsal and concert schedule will be released by Tuesday, August 8th 2017*********


Performances, which are often scheduled outside of normal school hours, will be an integral part of the student’s development as a musician as well as membership in our musical organization.  The reward of band experience is the performance.  It is when a student can finally be recognized for months of hard work and disciplined efforts.  In addition, when everyone is present and engaged, students will have a most rewarding experience. 

Participation in performances will make up a large part of the student’s total grade. We will have several performances this year.  Please schedule special family events and medical appointments around these performance dates.

Because music is performed as an ensemble, and not individuals; there is really no appropriate “make-up” for a missed performance. However, any student who misses a performance is expected to complete an additional assignment. In reality, the student’s contribution to the performance cannot be replaced by a written assignment.


Absences from concerts are approved in these cases:

  1. Excused absence from school due to official school field trip.
  2. Illness before or on the day of a concert (doctor’s note may be required)
  3. Family emergency

For any absence from a concert, Mr. Stinson should be made aware of the conflict well in advance of the scheduled concert by parent note or email. Some required performances include, but are not limited to:

  • Fall/Winter/Spring Concerts
  • Solo & Ensemble Performance (including the Lassiter Percussion Symposium)
  • All – State Auditions
  • UGA Mid-fest
  • Large Group Performance Evaluations (Symphonic Band, Concert Band, 6th grade bands, Inman Jazz Eagles and Jazz Eagle Combo)


All students are expected to participate in all of the above events as it relates to their abilities, especially ensembles that require auditions.  Each student must choose between Solo & Ensemble and All – State Auditions to participate in.  More information will be given during the first two weeks of school.


Performance Attire: Eagle Honor Band/Symphonic Band - The Inman Middle School band polo should be worn with black slacks, and dress shoes with dark socks. The pants and band polo should be pressed and neatly worn. The band polo is to be tucked in. Jeans or shorts are not acceptable for a performance. Band polo's can be ordered through the band office for $12.00.


School Owned Instruments:  As we have a limited supply of school owned instruments available for students use, it is recommended that students make arrangements to rent, lease or purchase their own instruments.  School – owned instruments are issued on a first come, first served basis.  There are many reputable music stores in the area.  More importantly, students must purchase their own mouthpieces, reeds, neck straps, and other accessories relative to the upkeep of their instrument.


Daily Procedure

* Students may bring instruments and band materials to the band room each morning.  Students should not be on the Connections hall before this dismissal!  The only exceptions are for morning band rehearsals and students who have made arrangements with me.  

* Band classes will begin each day with students arriving on time, prepared, and with all required materials (pencil, band binder, book, music, and instrument).

* Students who enter the band room without a pass after the tardy bell will be marked tardy.  Students are to be seated with instruments assembled and materials out no later than 2 minutes after the start of the class.  If an instructor is on the podium and a student is not ready for class, he or she will receive a tardy.  There is to be no individual playing before class begins.  We will warm up as a group.

* Students are strongly encouraged to use the bathroom between classes or during lunch.  These are to be used in the event of emergency (medical conditions will be accommodated).

* Students are to return all instruments, materials, and equipment to their proper storage places at the conclusion of class or rehearsal.

Class/Rehearsal Rules 

Personal Responsibility Students are to arrive for class and rehearsals on time, and with all of their materials (instruments, pencils, and music/books).  All food, gum, candy, and flavored drinks are to be finished and discarded before students enter the band room.

Respect Students are to show respect by being polite and following instructions.  They should raise their hands and wait to be recognized before speaking, and only play instruments when instructed to do so.  School instruments/equipment may only be used with permission and extreme care.   

Integrity Students should demonstrate honesty at all times and promptly report inappropriate behaviors to Mr. Stinson. Electronics should only be used with teacher approval.

Decision to be Safe Students may only get out of seats when given permission, and must keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves. 

Excellence Students are expected to try their best at all times and to ask for help when needed.  They should strive to set a good example for other students


  1. Be courteous, polite and respectful to all classmates and adults.
  2. Contribute in a positive way to the learning environment.
  3. Be truthful and honest.
  4. Treat the band room and band equipment with respect and care.
  5. Strive to do your best and be your best.



  • No food, drink, or chewing gum in the band room. Students may drink from the water fountain before and after class.
  • Students will enter the band room quietly and be in their seats and quiet by the time class begins.
  • Students will remain in their seats until they are dismissed by the teacher.
  • Students will remain quiet during class. Students with questions should raise their hand and wait to be acknowledged by the teacher before speaking.
  • Instrument storage will be used for band instruments only.
  • Students will have their instrument or sticks/mallets, music, pencil (on music stand) and all supplies/accessories in class. To prevent lost or damaged music, it should be kept in a black 1” 3 ring notebook binder with plastic sheet protectors.
  • Students will play only the instrument(s) assigned to them.
  • Students will keep hands, feet and objects to themselves always
  • Students will not enter the band office or other rooms in the music suite until they have received permission from Mr. Stinson.


CONSEQUENCES for inappropriate student behavior:

  • Verbal/nonverbal warning
  • Student will be asked to pack up instrument
  • Phone call home to parent.
  • Detention
  • Exclusion from special reward events (field trips, etc.)


  • Instruments
  • Mouthpieces
  • Paper towels
  • Mouthpiece sanitizer
  • Any donation (cash or money order) to the band program to offset the costs of band music ($50-$140 per piece), Instrument maintenance, instrument purchases and repairs, additional instruction for the symphonic band clinic, etc.

Support the BAND!!!

During the year there will be times when we will need parent assistance in many different ways.  Please check below any areas in which you would be willing to help out during the year.  Also please fill out the information regarding days and times when you are available and how to best reach you.  Thank you in advance for all of your hard work and dedication!


_______ Equipment transport

_______ Concert set up and tear down

_______ Chaperoning at school concerts

_______ Chaperoning field trips or festivals (this could be during the school day or

                after school)

_______ Creating, collecting and counting fund-raising money during the school day

_______ Assisting during the school day with things such as paperwork, filing,

_______Photocopying music, or sorting music

_______Assisting during the school day with computer data entry or typing



Please list any business contacts you have that might be useful to the band program at some time:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Parent(s) Name _______________________________________________________

Student Name   _______________________________________________________

Best Contact #_______________________ or __________________________

Parent E-Mail _________________________________________________________

Days and times available to work during the school day: ____________________________________________________________________



Please print your name and sign below signifying that you fully understand the syllabus and responsibilities of your student(s). This page must be returned to Mr. Stinson for a participation grade via paper of google form. 



___________________________________________________ Parent Name (please print)


___________________________________________________ Parent Signature




___________________________________________________ Student Name (please print)


___________________________________________________ Student Signature




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