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St Bonaventure’s school was founded by and is part of the Catholic Church. It is steeped in Christian principles and enriched by the cultural and religious diversity of its environment. We endeavour to be a community where each individual can grow spiritually, academically and socially while at all times serving as a witness to the Catholic faith.

 We aim to:

  • Enrich pupil’s understanding of the Roman Catholic faith and to cultivate respect and understanding for other religious traditions. Prayer and Worship is central to school life.
  • Create an environment that is warm and welcoming, well-ordered and disciplined, reflecting the mutual trust and respect between staff and pupils where each person is recognised as an individual, valued and enabled to fulfill their potential to the highest possible standard.
  • Provide a full and comprehensive curriculum for all students to enable them to develop their full potential in all areas of school life – spiritual, intellectual, physical, creative, moral and social.
  • Promote a spirit of collaboration and co-operation. We recognise that all staff have a contribution to make to our school. All teachers and non-teachers must be valued and treated with respect.
  • Reflect the principles of equal opportunity for all in our structures, curriculum, values and policies.

As an institute of Catholic education, St. Bonaventure’s is rooted in the Gospel values of respect for life, love, solidarity, holiness and learning and we endeavour to harmonise faith and culture, build a better society and pursue the Common Good by:

  • Fostering links with our local community, parents, parish and industry in order to prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of adult life.
  • Recognising the effort, personal development, academic achievements and pupil’s contribution to the school and community life.
  • Preparing and enable our pupils to meet and gain from the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges in an ever changing secular society.


“Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire

St Catherine of Sienna

School Chaplain & Teacher of RE


Twitter: @MrLConnolly


Weekly Chaplaincy Events


Spring Term 2017


Holy Mass – 0745hrs – St Antony’s Church

Lunch time prayer for Staff

1350 – 1410hrs – Chaplaincy Office


Holy Mass – 0745hrs – St Antony’s Church

Morning Prayer for Students and Staff

0830 – 0840hrs – Chaplaincy Office


Holy Mass – 0745hrs – St Antony’s Church

Lunch time Holy Half Hour with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

1330hrs – 1400hrs – St Clare’s Hall


Holy Mass – 0745hrs – St Antony’s Church

Morning Prayer for Students and Staff

0830 – 0840hrs – Chaplaincy Office


Holy Mass – 0745hrs – St Antony’s Church

Lunch time Praying of the Holy Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament

1330 – 1350hrs – Blessed Sacrament Chapel in St Antony’s                                               (access via St Clare’s Hall entrance on Friary Lawn)

The central role of school Chaplaincy is to serve the pastoral and spiritual needs of staff and students. Chaplaincy is a place where students and staff can find room, encouragement and opportunities to grow in their human and personal development.

St Bonaventure’s lives and grows as a unique Catholic Christian community to which staff and students belong and have opportunities to grow in humanity, knowledge and faith.

Chaplaincy provides and taps into existing evangelisation opportunities for the school community and supports the faith life of our Catholic student body, as well as encouraging those of other traditions and Faiths to continue and nurture their own journey of faith.

It is my hope that every person who experiences our school community, either as a visitor, student or member of staff, will feel encouraged to live out their vocation and calling to be ‘Saints for the New Millenium’

Please remember us in your prayers, that we may grow in Faith, Hope and Charity.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for Us.

Mr L Connolly


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