Urop Freshman Application Essay

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Application Process

Application guidelines and deadlines

It is only necessary to submit an application if you are applying for funding from UROP. To apply to work with a specific mentor, please contact that mentor directly. If you are interested in conducting research for credit, contact your major department.

Two separate online components are required to apply for UROP funding:

  1. Student application
  2. Recommendation letter from the research mentor

Your application will be evaluated by several faculty members, and not all of them will be experts in your field. It’s important that you write your application in general terms and explain technical details. You should discuss your proposal extensively with your research mentor. It’s also a good idea to ask a friend who is unfamiliar with your proposed research to review the application and highlight areas of confusion.

The UROP staff is available to provide feedback and suggestions; contact our office to request an application review. (No reviews will be conducted the day before or the day of the deadline.) Remember, your research mentor should be your primary source of advice.

These sections must be completed on all applications:

  • Applicant information
  • Project title
  • Project description and goals
  • Project significance
  • Methodology
  • Timeline
  • Background experience
  • Bibliography
  • Funds requested
  • Safety training

Complete the following sections only if they apply to your project:

  • Appendix (i.e., graphs, charts, data sheets)—Do not use this section to continue text from any other section. There’s no guarantee that the appendix will be read by the reviewers. The appendix is limited to two pages.
  • Request for continued funding—Complete this section if you have previously received UROP funding, even if you are changing projects with the same mentor or changing to a new mentor.
  • Supplies Award budget (if applying for supplies)
  • Any application for research involving human or animal subjects must include a copy of the IRB or IACUC approval letter (the complete protocol is not necessary). Only submit relevant pages; this section is limited to two pages.

Note The first page of the UROP application includes optional, anonymous questions regarding GPA and ethnic background. This information is used only for statistical purposes within the UROP office and is not seen by the review committee. Thus, this information does not impact the rating of your application. We use these data to evaluate trends in UROP participation. We are also asked to report some of these data to granting agencies when we seek additional funds to support UROP programs.

Note If more than one student in a given faculty member’s research group is applying for UROP funds to work on a closely related project, each student must complete their own application addressing both the project as a whole and their individual contribution to that work. If both students will be working on the same project, each application must make this clear and describe the individual applicant’s role in the project. You may not submit identical or near identical applications.

Application Forms

Due to the large volume of applications and our processing requirements, UROP deadlines are strict. Late applications must be approved by UROP staff in advance.

Standard UROP Application Form

Applications for travel for conference participation or research-related purposes are accepted on a rolling basis.

UROP Travel Application

To apply for the Cross-College Award, please click here.


If you have already completed a UROP semester, you are considered a renewal applicant even if you are working on a different project and/or with a different faculty mentor. A full proposal must be submitted for renewal applications.

  1. If you are continuing with the same project and mentor, your original UROP proposal must be updated to reflect what you accomplished during your first UROP semester.
    For a different project and/or mentor, the proposal must be rewritten (following the proposal guidelines below) to reflect the changes. In collaboration with your faculty mentor, prepare a four to six page proposal. The student must write the proposal. The proposal must include ONLY the following sections:
    • Statement of the problem or topic of the research or creative work
      Purpose: To clearly set out what topic or issue you will be addressing in your UROP project and to make clear that it is concrete and important.
    • Relevant background/literature review
      Purpose: To make clear that you understand where the project lies in broader context and to exhibit that you are engaged in the project enough already to be able to effectively pursue the project.
    • Specific activities to be undertaken and a timetable allotted for each activity
      Purpose: Provide both larger context and concrete achievable timeline within 120 hours. The project is part of a much larger project, but what are we funding? Show evidence that work will be done with mentor.
    • Relationship of the proposed work to the expertise of the faculty mentor
      Purpose: You are utilizing your faculty's specific expertise and really gleaning what you can from their very specialized knowledge, you can convey that expertise, you can demonstrate that they will actually be mentoring you.
    • Relationship of the proposed work to the student's future goals
      Purpose: To show that your project facilitates your educational or career goals, that you have thought about how the project fits into your larger personal goals, and that your project will actually facilitate those goals for you.
  2. Complete the online application form. It is recommended that you prepare the proposal in a word processing program (four to six double-spaced pages in length), then copy and paste the text of that proposal into the appropriate text boxes on the form.
    • The form requires student information, faculty mentor information, and the full proposal. 
    • Provide all images, tables, graphs, etc., as appendices in one PDF file and attach that file to the form.
    • Footnotes and endnotes do not translate into this system. Please use parenthetical in-text reference forms (such as APA or MLA) and provide full references in the References field.
      Note: References will be unformatted in this form.
  3. Upon submission of the form, applicants will receive an email that MUST be forwarded to the faculty mentor. This email contains a link for the faculty mentor to follow to provide his/her/their recommendation. The faculty mentor's recommendation MUST be received by the deadline in order for an application to be considered for funding. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the faculty mentor receives the emailed link and is aware of the deadline.

Group projects: Group projects are permitted but each student must write their own proposal. Plagiarism will result in the disqualification of all involved proposals and possible further action per the student code. For more information on academic conduct at the University of Utah, see the Student Conduct Code.


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