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Marketing Essay Topics

Developing a topic for an essay is, unlike popular belief, an easy task. For a topic as wide as marketing, the job gets even easier and with only a little research, one can develop a topic for their essay.

Below are examples of marketing essay topics.

  • Assess some of the vital components for customer satisfaction.
  • What are the major impacts of marketing towards the modern strategy?
  • How have businesses used marketing as a tool to help further customer satisfaction?
  • Explain the impact of customer loyalty on sales?
  • Explain how branding can be used as a tool to further business success.
  • While providing sufficient evidence, explain where marketing should begin.
  • Should businesses merge or continue merging sales and marketing?
  • Is push marketing a waste of time and resources? Explain.
  • How can businesses make use of the vast social media platforms to further their marketing agenda?
  • What do you understand by the term marketing?
  • Explain why marketing is considered a key component of a company/business.
  • What are some of the marketing strategies companies can employ to further their business internationally?
  • Comment on the impact and lack thereof of celebrity endorsement.
  • Explain the impact of social media platforms in international marketing.
  • What do you understand by the term green marketing?
  • How can companies combine sales and marketing to successfully get the best of either aspects or components?
  • What is marketing communication?
  • Explain why marketing planning is essential.
  • What are some of the adaptable marketing strategies businesses can use to help alleviate some of the challenges coming from market forces?
  • Critically evaluate the notion that marketing is based on the claim that we are what we read but almost always consumers.
  • What do you understand by marketing audit and what is its impact in improving marketing?
  • What is ethical marketing and what does it entail?
  • What entails negative advertisement and how do is it often used?
  • Discuss two of the main methods of gaining market entry internationally.
  • What are some of the disadvantages and advantages of branding?
  • With examples, discuss some of the universal marketing environmental challenges that companies face.
  • How has culture impacted marketing? Provide examples.
  • Does celebrity endorsement in any way enhance brand image and brand awareness?
  • Discuss some of the stages of international market development.
  • How has the aspect of sustainability impacted or changed the nature of marketing?
  • How can brand communities be used to help introduce and market new products?
  • How can businesses utilize telemarketing to help promote their products?
  • What is telemarketing and which components can ensure it success?
  • Analyze the importance of innovation in marketing.
  • What are some of the barriers to marketing?
  • How can a business maintain or run a profitable marketing campaign despite uncertain business environmental conditions?
  • Is the notion that marketing is the major component that determines the success of a business flawed or true?
  • Critically analyze the role of a marketing manager.
  • Critically analyze the marketing strategies of Coca-Cola and explain how the company has managed to remain relevant to-date.
  • How is the marketing strategy of Coca-Cola different from that of Pepsi? Provide specifics and examples.
  • What is direct marketing and how can startups utilize it to increase their sales?


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