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Baking What do you think is the most popular job to have in the hospitality industry? I think it is a pastry chef. So what you hearing about are going to be about baking. First, you’re going to hear about educational requirements and recommendations. Second you’re going to hear about salary ranges and geographic effects and how many hours required each week and what is a typical day like in this career when you reach the career goal. Third you’re going to hear about what skills and sets are required. Then you’re going to hear about how I define success in the career option. Lastly fun facts about being a pastry chef. That is what you’re going to read about in this paper. In this paragraph you’re going to read about the educational…show more content…

The availability of flexible or part-time secduleing if you need it, finances and student support services and career placement services. That’s the education behind a pastry chef. In this paragraph you’re going to read about salary ranges and geographic effects and how many hours required each week and what typical day like in this career is and when you reach the career goal. For a pastry chef the salary for a veteran pastry chef is between 30,000 dollars and 50,000 dollars it can go up to 60,000 dollars a year but the 60,000 dollars are for experienced pastry chefs. For entry level pay it is 8.00 dollars an hour. But the person who wants to own their own and operate his or hers own bakeries for their peers salaries are 17,000 if successful. But for the geographic effects and how many hours required each week are long days on your feet but those days consider getting paid. Some days you need to start early like 3 or 4 am in the morning. But my opinion I think the longs weeks can be everyday working even working on holidays. But to my opinion I think pastry chef’s days can be hacked and very stressful if you don’t know what you are doing. But the pastry chefs that do it enjoy their job but if you think this is easy it is no way in shape easy at all because you will have your boss looking over you to see if everything is right and then you have yourself if everything is right. Tons of pastries chefs want to own their own business like I want to do that but other

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Becoming a Pastry Chef
Have you ever wondered how to become a pastry chef? Or even thought to become one? Then you should consider entering the food career as a baker or pastry chef, if you are still thinking this is the career for you then this is a good piece for you to read and learn from.
What is a Pastry Chef?
A Pastry Chef is a professional cook specializing in desserts, pastries, bread and other baked goods. Pastry Chef is usually employed in Restaurant, Cafe, Bars, and Bakeries. To be a chef you must have professional culinary training.
Pastry chefs are tough worker. Baking can start as early as 4 or 5 am. Pastry chefs work long hours and they spend many of those hours on their feet. It takes energy and strength to do the work of a pastry chef.

Qualities of a Good Pastry Chef

The most important skills that a pastry chef needs would be Creativity, Passion, Team Player, Multitask, Quick Thinking and organized

The pastry chef is always the most popular person in any kitchen.
In the old day, pastry chefs got paid less and treated badly. No one knows why it was that way. Those days are over. Now a pastry chef could probably run the entire restaurant.

Some responsibilities of a Pastry Chef include:
  * Creating, testing and evaluating new pastry and dessert recipes
  * Keeping a budget for the pastry department
  * Buying fresh fruits and ordering supplies
  * Supervising chefs in training in the pastry kitchen
  * Discussing menu planning with the other chefs in the restaurant
  * Keeping the kitchen organized and clean

How much does a pastry chef make?

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