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Being often regarded as a touchy issue, blood sports, such as hunting, cockfighting and the like, have been around since ancient times. In the past, such a modality was widely accepted and even praised. Yet today, seemingly due to an increasing awareness of animal welfare, blood sports have entered on animal activists' radars. Surprisingly, whether these sports should be banned for good or not is still a matter of controversy.

Animal activists fiercely urge that blood sports, many of which have already been forbidden in some countries, should be globally banned at once. This thought apparently stems from an increasing acknowledgement that animals are both rational and sentient. That is, not only animals are able to reason, to some extent, but they also display personalities and emotions, some evidence would suggest. Once this perspective has been set, such a movement came as little surprise.

I feel that the violence shown in these so-called sports is such that it is rather shocking, albeit unfortunately predictable, that such atrocities have not been banned already. I must agree, however, that it appears that as civilisation evolves whilst scientific knowledge expands and education increases, empathy and awareness toward animals also increase. In other words, the more evolved the society is, the more respect we seem to display towards non-human beings.

In fact, I cannot help pondering that if we do not start changing our attitude right now, in the future, this might be one of those things that we would look back to the past, somewhat nauseated, thinking: how could we possibly have allowed this last that long?

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Blood Sports

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Blood sports have become a hot topic for debate in recent years. As society develops it is increasingly seen as an uncivilized activity and cruel to the helpless animals that are killed. All blood sports should be banned. Discuss the main arguments for this statement and give your own opinion.

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Now days, humanity is reduced or diminished among the human for the sake of their own happiness. Pride and the past culture are the two significant causes for the cunning game “Blood sport”. Moreover, they are not in the recent era and proliferating quickly, instead they are the successor of the previous old tradition.

Owing to that, in the history shows people followed many other sports related to human physique and mind, but hurting and hunting is easy compared to others. So society took the evil event in spite of good and considered it as the honor to be a superior and to show their supreme power.

Additionally, the blood event has attaining its popularity in the recent decade because of the enthrallment and people avid for the sport in relates to others. Nevertheless, everyone must understand and feel the pain of the living being that posses when it is competing in the arena. It is limpid to watch but hard to play.

However, the value of the life is to be considered as the same as like everyone’s precious life. They must behave and see as their own pet. Some organization and private sector are there in the recent years to protect and provide life. In spite of this individual responsibility is more important in this aspect.

At the end, from my perception-banning blood sport is not a solution for this arrogance, as it would increase rather declining. Instead, government or private organization could conduct private camps to make people aware of this inhumanity and provide laws to regulate this event and could restrict this event should happen only for certain festivals. Yet, it is immortal to kill animals for self-esteem and money.

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