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If you are enrolled in a course of civilization of any kind – then comes a time when you are asked to write a paper on a civilization term paper topic. In this case – you have to write a splendid paper which will cover all the material which you discussed in class, and express your personal opinion. These days, not every student knows how to write a good term paper on any of the civilization term paper topics. In order to succeed in this activity – a student needs to know the theory of writing term papers, as well as possess some knowledge on the civilization topic.

The first thing you need to figure out for yourself is the topic of your term paper. There are various civilization term paper topics where you can apply yourself, but you need to choose only one, which will show your knowledge on all other civilization term paper topics.

The possible civilization term paper topics are:

  • America in the 18th century
  • England before 1700
  • France before 1700
  • European history term paper topic
  • The culture of Europe in the 17th-19th centuries
  • Mixed and controversial issues of western civilization

All these civilization term paper topics are good to write about and discuss, but all of them are tricky. Not every student knows that if you want to get a good grade – you need to show your knowledge on several civilization term paper topics, and that is when comparison comes in handy. If you are writing about France before 1700 – you have to compare France to England, and many other countries. This way you will show your professor, that even though you chose France as the main topic of your discussion, you still are proficient in other country’s history.

Always stay focused on your topic. As soon as you start writing something – your mind will want to bounce from topic to topic, and discuss everything you want to, but you need to control yourself and stay focused on something specific.

When you have chosen a topic – you need to come up with a smart hypothesis. You need one string idea or an argument, to lead you through the whole civilization term paper. It could be something of your own observation. If you do that – you will need a bunch of supportive arguments to prove your point. This is the whole point of a quality civilization term paper – and if you follow these simple instructions – you will definitely succeed in writing your paper on any civilization term paper topic.

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Here’s a list of the most popular civilization term paper topics:

1. The Inca Civilization
2. Symbols of Civilization
3. Civilization Deteriorates to Savagery
4. Ancient Civilization
5. The Brilliant Maya Civilization
6. Lord of the Flies: Civilization and Savagery
7. The Birth of Civilization
8. Early Western Civilizations
9. Egypt Civilization
10. Monks Saved Western Civilization
11. Contributions to Western Civilization from Ancient Greeks
12. Geography: Its Influence on the Development of Civilizations
13. Three Major Contributions to Civilization
14. The Ancient African Civilization Aksum
15. Freud in Civilization
16. Use of Civilization in Grendel
17. Destruction of Civilization
18. Egyptian and Sumerian Civilizations
19. Ethics in Western Civilization
20. History of Western Civilization: Industrial Revolution
21. Indian Civilization

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Contributions of Ancient Civilizations Essay

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For thousands of years, people all over the world have developed, progressed, and eventually formed civilizations. A civilization is a community characterized by elements such as a system of writing, a development of social classes, and cities. Early civilizations such as ancient Greece, classical Rome, Mesopotamia, and classical China have made many contributions to society that still affect people in the modern world. The inventions, progress, and contributions of the people of these ancient civilizations and others have shaped the world that we all live in today. Ancient Mesopotamia was one of the first of the ancient civilizations. It formed in present-day northeastern Egypt, in the Fertile Crescent. The Fertile Crescent is a…show more content…

Silk later became a very important item for China to gain wealth in trade. During the Han Dynasty, between the years 206 B.C. to 220 A.D., the most progress was made in China. The great emperor Wudi created the first civil service system. They instituted examinations to determine who would get jobs in the government. This was a major breakthrough because it was the first time that the emperor was not able to simply appoint anyone he wanted to different government positions. Also, the Chinese discovered how to make paper out of wood pulp. This was a revolutionary invention because everyone today uses paper everyday. Chinese artists were the first to use ivory carvings, bronze and ceramic in their works. Other inventions of the Chinese included the wheelbarrow, the fishing reel, and the rudder, which was used to steer ships. Also, the Chinese invented acupuncture, and they used anesthesia and herbal remedies. These are things that are particularly important in medicine during modern times. Ancient Greece was an incredible civilization that made contributions that are crucial to modern day life. Athens, a city-state in ancient Greece, was the first to use direct democracy, a system in which male citizens took part in government every day. Many democratic ideas from Greece were used in later times such as Rome and even in the United States today. Also, the ornate columns that the ancient Greeks developed are still used in different types of

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