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Do you agree that most accident in Malaysia is due to reckless driving? I strongly agree that most accident in Malaysia is due to reckless driving. Nowadays, many accidents happened in Malaysia are caused by many factors especially the mistakes did by the road users. Besides, the road accident in Malaysia is seriously increasing daily by daily or yearly by yearly. Moreover, government has launched many road safety campaigns but the effect is only reducing a little amount of the accidents. However, the accident rates are still increasing. The main factor that causes accidents in Malaysia is due to the reckless driving of the drivers which is driving while drunk.

The road users is in the unconsciously condition where it will cause the driver to drive dangerously. When people is in the unconsciously condition, they will dare to drive even though it is dangerous. Besides, government has warned the road users not to drive drunken but it has been ignored. Besides, reckless driving also caused by bad weather. When road user is driving under bad weather such as raining, it will reduce the driver’s sight efficiency. People can’t see properly under raining. Therefore, driver could not drive properly during raining day. Beside on the rainy day, the road is also slippery and it’s hard to control the vehicles.

Furthermore, some drivers who believed in their driving skills would like to speed under this bad condition. Thus, this causes accident. Moreover, reckless driving also cause by driver’s emotion. Some road users might feel bad due to some factors and yet they are still driving. These will seriously causing accident because when driver is emotional, they will speed up without knowing what they are doing. Psychologically explains that this is because the driver is thinking or worrying about something.

Reckless Driving Essay

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As Americans we love our cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorbikes for many different reasons. One major reason is that they are an easy and convenient mobility; a personal mode of transportation. It is rather hard to imagine what this county would be like without all the roads and vehicles on them. This is abundantly evident in Arizona, where the majority of us drive to most all of our activities from going to work or taking the kids for an ice cream. We jump into our vehicle and go. However, a curious thing often happens when we get in our car, truck and SUVs. We sometimes change turning into someone different when behind the wheel of our vehicle. We can become inconsiderate and aggressive to other drivers; at times even becoming rude, crude,…show more content…

They are failure to yield the right of way, reckless, carless, erratic driving, failure to obey traffic signs, and other traffic control devices, and making improper turns (AAA Foundation (2009).
Arizona law makers took notice of the dangers that are created by aggressive drivers. The lawmakers amended the “Reckless Driving Section and amended the name of the statute 28-695 to Reckless and Aggressive Driving. Arizona statute defines aggressive driving as a situation in which a person commits a violation of speeding and at least two other traffic violations (i.e., failure to obey traffic control devices, improper passing, driving off the pavement or traveled portion of the highway, following too close, failure to yield right-of-way, or driving in a way that is an immediate hazard to another person or vehicle).” (ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY , para. 2). This was an important step allow law enforcement a tool to make the roads safer. The serious problem is we should be trying to be safer on our own.
The question that should be asked is why are so many people are compelled to be dangerous drivers? It could be that there is a sense of invincibility when they are in control of a big powerful machine. This is often the case with younger male drivers, who enjoy the thrill of dangerous driving. In other instances normally calm, law abiding drivers snap in a fit of rage. This road rage can turn a driver from calm to instantly a monster behind the wheel,

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