Kaplan Advanced Financial Planning Assignment

Study pathways

Kaplan Professional has developed clear pathways for individuals looking to elevate their career within the financial planning industry. Kaplan Professional is currently reviewing the pathways to attain a degree and a designation as a result of the recent FASEA announcement.

Career pathways

Financial planners seeking a professional designation are required to undertake a postgraduate course. For more information on Kaplan’s financial planning postgraduate courses refer to our postgraduate courses.

Have you considered a professional designation with the AFA? Switch on your leadership thinking with the AFA FChFP. This designation provides participants with comprehensive and innovative business framework to support their business and professional vision. Topics covered include:

  • Business Strategy
  • Client Experience
  • Advanced Financial Solutions
  • Professional Conduct & Governance


Continuing professional development (CPD) of your knowledge and skills is essential to remaining compliant under ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 146 (RG 146).

Kaplan offers CPD training through Ontrack — our online CPD platform — which delivers monthly multimedia training, along with tracking and reporting capabilities.

Kaplan’s CPD training is recognised and accredited by the AFA, FPA and SPAA.

The FPA have assessed the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning subjects and awarded CPD hours to the following subjects:

DFP5 – Tax for Financial Advising – 16 CPD hours
DFP6 – Estate Planning – 9.25 CPD hours. Tax (TPB CPD) Tax – 9.25 hours 
DFP7 – Client Engagement Strategies – 12 CPD hours
DFP8 – Advanced Financial Planning – 15.25 CPD hours. Tax (TPB CPD) Tax – 15.25 hours

Professional dimensions covered include Capability, Critical Thinking, Attributes and Performance, Professional Conduct and Reflective Practice.

The AFA have assessed the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning subjects and awarded CPD points to the following subjects:

DFP 5 – Tax for Financial Advising – 15.0 CPD points
DFP 6 – Estate Planning – 12.5 CPD points
DFP 7 – Client Engagement Strategies – 15.0 CPD points
DFP 8 – Advanced Financial Planning – 15.0 CPD points

To learn more about our RG 146 compliance offerings, visit the CPD page for more information, or contact our CPD support team on 1300 527 526.

*Provided you complete the following two electives: FPE011 Debt Strategies and FPE016 Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

This subject focuses on the realities faced by a financial adviser working in the Australian advice industry. Topics 1–8 will provide the foundation necessary for giving advice. Topics 9–12 build upon this basic knowledge and show its practical application in advice giving.

Comprehensive coverage of the main asset classes and managed investments includes how these investment products are used in financial planning.

The subject also covers basic practical and personal skills necessary to establish and maintain client relationships and examines the advice process in depth, including how to develop and implement a portfolio to suit a client’s investment objectives in light of risk–return trade-offs, other considerations such as tax issues and the legal and administrative frameworks supporting the industry and its products and services.

Also included are a series of case studies and applications to help demonstrate the planning and development of investment strategies and client portfolios in line with a client’s stated objectives.

An understanding of the economic, legal and ethical contexts of financial planning is recommended knowledge for this subject. It is therefore recommended that students complete Economic, Legal and Ethical context for Financial Planning (FPC001) prior to undertaking this subject.

Note: A basic understanding of financial mathematics is assumed knowledge for this subject. Students may wish to familiarise themselves with some basic concepts outlined in the resource below before commencing the subject.

For more information, please refer to the subject outline.


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