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„Pamięć i Sprawiedliwość” ("Remembrance and Justice") is a scientific periodical on contemporary history. It is published by the Public Education Office of the Institute of National Remembrance in Poland (ISSN 1427-7476).
The periodical has been issued since 2002. It contains materials on the history of Poland and world history, articles on political, social and economic issues, as well as items on the history of historiography and methodology. In addition, it includes interdisciplinary and comparative studies, monographic articles, essays, reviews, opinion pieces, compilations of source texts and reports from selected academic conferences. Articles are double-blind reviewed before being published. The periodical is rated and indexed in BazHum, CEEOL, CEJSH, Index Copernicus.

The Programme Board: Professor Wołodymyr Baran, Petr Blažek PhD, Jochen Böhler PhD, Professor José M. Faraldo, Professor Idesbald Goddeeris, Professor Ryszard Kaczmarek PhD with habilitation, Łukasz Kamiński PhD (chairman), Professor Padraic Kenney, Professor Marek Kornat, Professor Paweł Machcewicz, Andrij Portnow PhD, Professor Rafał Stobiecki, Professor Dariusz Stola, Rafał Wnuk PhD with habilitation.

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