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CSS/422 Week 2

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Learning Team:CRM Overview, Stakeholders, Development Methodology

Option #1 Word Count: 874 words!

Option #2 Word Count: 1,039 words!

Option #3 Word Count: 840 words!

Option #4 Word Count: 869 words!

As a team, develop the first three sections of the Architectural Design Document (ADD) in Microsoft Word. Summarize these sections in 150 to 175 words.
1. In the ADD, label this section "Overview." Create an overview of the CRM system. Identify the core components and how you will implement it (monolithic, cloud-based, distributed, etc.). In other words, how will software be made available to end users?
2. In the ADD, label this section "Stakeholder Identification." Identify the stakeholders of the system. Includes end users, developers, internal users, etc. Your team should identify at least ten stakeholders. Give a brief summary for each one, including why they are stakeholders. For those users with functional use of the CRM, list one or more uses that
they would have for the system. This need not be an exhaustive list, but you are looking for the core features of the CRM to be included.
3. In the ADD, label this section "Development Methodology." You are to indicate how this system will be implemented through a methodology (Agile, Lean, Waterfall, etc.). How does this development methodology impact your architectural decisions?
This is a technical business document. You do not need to follow APA guidelines for this assignment, although references should be documented in a reference section.
Prepare a summary of this portion of the ADD. You will incorporate instructor feedback in a final submission, due in Week Five. That assignment will receive a final grade.
Submit your summary using the Assignment Files tab.


Individual:System Reference Guide - Software Architecture Comparison

Option #1 Word Count: 1,229 words! A+ Work!

Option #2 Word Count: 1,039 words! A+ Work!

Option #3 Word Count: 1,480 words! A+ Work!

You have been called upon to put together some reference materials for other groups to follow, since up until now they have not created any formal architectural documents. Create a System Reference Guide for your employer in three parts over Weeks Two, Three, and Four.
In this week, write the first section of the Guide: a 1,000- to 1,050-word paper, using Microsoft Word, addressing the listed software architectures.
Find an example of a well-known commercial software system for each.
Give the name and purpose/function of the system, and write no less than 250 words for each system explaining why this is an example of that architecture.
The architectures are:
      • Client/Server
      • Peer-to-peer (P2P)
      • Distributed computing (cloud, grid, etc.)
      • Monolithic (standalone)
Follow APA formatting guidelines.
Submit your paper using the Assignment Files tab.
Note: Save your feedback from this assignment to use in Week Four to create the final System Reference Guide.




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